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The need for Property Videos and Virtual Tours has grown rapidly in the last 5 years in Melbourne and even Australia wide. We’ve seen a massive transformation in the industry where it’s becoming the norm to have a property video for nearly every listing. As the need for property videos and virtual tours are growing, this has allowed for more production companies to step in and has made the industry more competitive and therefore more affordable for the vendors and agents. 5 years ago property videos were around $500 for a 90 second video and now today you can get them for as little as $250 for a far better quality video than they were 5 years prior.

Real Estate video marketing has a long list of advantages for the agent and the vendor. Why video?

• The convenience for being able to look through a property from the comfort of your own home

• Opens doors to out of town buyers, including the influx of the booming Asian market looking to buy real estate within Australia.

• 24/7 open house means potential buyers always have access to the property regardless of what time of day it is

• Qualifies ‘real’ buyers as a real estate video more accurately depicts the home unlike some heavily Photoshop manipulated images.

• Able to emphasize the properties key selling points for example: location, history, features and other local interests.

• You can physically distribute a marketing campaign through DVD

• Can start a viral online marketing campaign through social media platforms for example: Facebook, Twitter.

• Videos are compatible and will fuel interest on real estate search engines such as and

• Most importantly, they will make the property stand out, but also help the agent further his/her profile leading toward future listings

Property videos are not only useful for residential listings. We have also had great success with real estate video tours by promoting commercial properties and even rental listings such as holiday homes, investment properties, commercial shops and warehouses.
Why limit yourself to a small market through local newspaper and paper print when you have instant access to a worldwide market of tech savvy online buyers.

Real Estate Video Marketing is really the only way to promote a property and yourself as an agent/agency. By uploading your videos to your real estate website, this will also help with Google rankings as Google heavily endorse YouTube videos as Google owns YouTube.

Property videos really help agents get listings as a lot of the agents we work with tell us all the time that their vendors notice how active they were online and favored them over the traditional door knocking agents. Property videos are a great way to show off the agents personality and helps the potential vendor feel comfortable around the agents as if they already know them.

Here at Real Estate Productions, we pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality videos to help market the property and real estate agents. We are the market leaders in real estate videos and our goal is to make real estate video marketing an affordable and necessary tool for every vendor and agent.

Drop us an email and we would be happy to discuss how we can help you market your property and brand.

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Melbourne Property Market is booming, to help capture the buyers attention property videos are the perfect solution.

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Real Estate Videos in Melbourne, an example of a property tour and how to market your home for sale. We offer affordable property videos and exciting ways to promote.