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It’s the technology age and long gone are the days of traditional advertising and selling properties. Newspapers, print media and letterbox flyers are now a dated medium. We’re now living smack bang in the middle of the tech era where real estate agents and vendors should be embracing new methods for selling properties and homes such as real estate videos in order to capture buyers and any client looking to buy a new home. Real estate videos and real estate agent videos are a new and exciting way to promote the agents themselves on a broader spectrum; the world wide web.

A common misconception is that real estate videos are only suited to luxury real estate. However, here at Real Estate Productions we have worked really hard to make our price point so affordable so that any vendor looking to sell their home for even as little as $300,000 can easily afford a property video. Real estate video marketing is a significant selling tool these days.

With over 90% of buyers using the internet to source their homes. A massive advantage of shooting property videos as well as real estate agent videos is that it is the best marketing form to accurately promote the agent themselves.

Agents can spend thousands of dollars in marketing campaigns that end up being thrown in the bin. By shooting regular real estate videos, it is a free way for the agents to promote themselves by using vendor paid advertising as well as promoting and therefore selling the property in the most effective way.

Real estate video tours are not a fad or a dissipating trend. It is clear that the Australian and worldwide market is following this trend. With the introduction and popularity of YouTube and smart phones, consumers are now demanding that we gather information in one easy place and videos being the best form of communication. On average our YouTube real estate videos get over 700 views within their first week online. By having a real estate video it is a great tool to monitor how the market is responding to your prices and whether or not the set price is relevant to the market. By seeing the amount of views you have, an agent can then easily tell their vendor accurate information like whether the price is set too high as a lot of buyers are viewing the property but aren’t responding positively to the property itself. As YouTube allows the agent to monitor the viewers age, gender, demographic and locations, this will give agents a far greater understanding of their market.

As most buyers are now seeking properties online through avenues such as and being the big players, both sites have now embraced real estate videos and are now allowing videos to be uploaded directly to their sites. We find that property videos really attract ‘qualified’ buyers to the listed property as a lot of the time photos can be so heavily manipulated by the photographers themselves by changing colours and even removing unsightly objects etc. Sure it might look great online, but in the long run, they’re only wasting everybody’s time. And what we mean by this is that when a potential buyer views the property video, it has a far truer and accurate representation of the property itself. Saving you and your vendor from wasting time. We’re not saying that photos are an irrelevant medium, however we are saying that video will capture a buyers attention.

Selling a house can be one of the most stressful moments in anyone’s life and choosing to market the property in the best possible way can greatly relieve a lot of that stress. Real estate videos are the best form of advertising to capture a buyers attention and get the best possible price.

Out of all the states in Australia, Melbourne real estate videos are extremely popular and the agents are getting fantastic results. An agent really always has to find the best way to market him/herself as well as the vendors property and when an agent chooses to shoot a property video this allows them to get in front of the camera and get in front of both buyers and sellers. Agents can do funny real estate videos to capture the buyers’ attention as well as show off their personality or they can be themselves and just shoot a video that is more to the point. The main purpose is getting the agent on camera, showing off their personality and selling skills to buyers and potential vendors.

Long story short, all of the agents we’ve worked with who have embraced real estate videos, have not only found they achieve a great selling price for their vendor, but have also picked up new listings as vendors have been impressed by their work as well as seeing their personality on camera; breaking down the barrier between the vendor and estate agent as they feel like they already know you.