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Premium Video

This is our Mac Daddy package, includes the use of drones, gimbals and everything you need to market your sexy home.

Property Video

60-120 second video shot in High Definition with the latest video cameras and equipment. Also accompanied with the agent on camera and/or professionally trained voice over artist. Company logo, agent photo & details also included. All this delivered within 24-48 hours.

*please note that we do not run on time limits and edit the video to how we feel will best sell the property. 60-120 seconds is only a guide.

We have even made property videos affordable for homes under half a million.

Photo Video

A 45-90 second video displaying your compilation of photos, accompanied with a professionally trained voice over artist, company logo, agent photo & details.

You Provide: photos, company logo, agent photo, contact details and script.

We Provide: voice over artist, background music and final edit. Delivered within 24-48 hours

Auction Video

Agent Video

For agent videos we will tailor make a profile video to suit your style. Every agent is different and we understand what is needed in getting the best out of you and bringing your story to life. We will help script the perfect profile video all shot in High Definition along with professional audio. We will shoot up to three hours on location with you and your final video will be edited between 60-120 seconds.

Company Video

We will customise a video to suit your company. Whether you have an idea or need us to create a video for you from scratch. We can shoot anything from Vendor videos, Property Management, Recruitment, Office Profiles to Land Estates.


We can animate any length of video you require and also help script and concept your idea. A great way to explain information in depth.

Custom Video

If you have something special in mind we can certainly customise a video to suit your needs.

Development Video

-We pride ourselves at Real Estate Productions to edit with an open mind and without restrictions to time limits. We edit to what we feel best sells the property or promotes your brand or yourself. We will always try and keep our property video and agent profile videos between 60-120 seconds as any longer we will lose our audience attention.

-It takes us around 1 hour to shoot a property video on site.

-If you are booking a property videos please send us the script (property description) 100 words or less before we head out and shoot so we can have the voice over done and ready to edit with, this way we can meet our strict turn around time.

-All our videos are shot on High Definition with the latest camera's, quality lenses and state of the art lighting, rigs and audio.

- If we are shooting a farm or an extremely large property additional costs may apply.

-All videos can be viewed on mobile devices and tablets

-Quick and easy to upload to your own Youtube account and social media i.e Facebook & Twitter.

-If you are camera shy don't worry our team is on hand to make you feel comfortable and our shooting style is very easy going and relaxed.

-All prices are Inclusive of GST

-All accounts must be paid within 14 days of completion.

-If you ever have any questions or suggestions we are always here to help and listen.