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Bringing skills from his work with Channel [V] and Fox International. Cliff has produced, directed and interviewed some of the biggest celebrities and companies on Earth, such as Miley Cyrus, Blackberry, Kanye West & Gucci to name a few. However Cliff started as a young buck in Real Estate and now combines both industries. Check out Cliff's showreel
Production Manager

Here to attend to all your booking and enquiry needs, she is a quick typer so be sure to receive a fast reply. Our resident Pommy who, strangely, dislikes tea but loves Arsenal FC
Graphic design and animation

Our go to guy for graphic design and animation. A true romantic, his dream is to recreate The Notebook in 3D Anime with him playing the role of Ryan Gosling.


Sammy boy is our eccentric cameraman. He films by day and is a stand up comic by night. He still has never made us laugh hehehe (he wrote this)

He is our resident editor. Once he is wired in and cutting up footage not even Chuck Norris himself can stop him. Occasionally uses EPO to enhance editing performance.

A natural behind the lens, she is friendly and creative. She will greet you at the shoot, and if you have any left over baking, she loves a good sweet treat. We would be lost without her!